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because of all sorts of bullshit that's happening on SMS here's a little handy guide on how i ended up owning yuu.gay.


ahahah okay i seriously need to be better about

i have stuff available here along with some things that i couldn't add to libib listed below the cut! please contact me on social media if you're interested in anything, most products range from 1$ to 3$/each plus shipping.

eventually will make a sale page for random merch so if you're interested in that let me know. and other books or doujin. if you want to know what else i have hmu on social media and i'll see if i can take pics (the reason why they aren't up now is because they're currently blocked by all this other stuff lmao)


sorry sorry, should have gotten this out much earlier. happy 2022! my first week was... well. let me sum it up in an easy way:

haaaa work is a drag

aahahah updates? me? hahaha. whoops. fucked nanowrimo. have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. thanksgiving wasn't awful. and still need to buy a few more christmas gifts. nothing too much going on? oh, happy holidays to anyone who stumbles on here i guess

yeah i know i've been p shit about weekly updates but offline's been busy. but this post at 12am isn't about how my life has sucked, this 12am post is about how discord specifically has made my life so much fucking harder than it needs to be over the last month and a half.


got hit with the discord hack, had to do a clean install of my PC (which wiped out p much all my ttrpgs) and reset all my passwords AND i'm still out of my normal discord acct ;A;

been a bit and i'm here with some late night stream of conciousness about icedrive, a cloud storage system that i shelled out money for a lifetime.


one day i'll actually be properly up to date but todya is not that day


lol no actual update from me