I guess I'm a retro gamer now?

Technically I've probably been one for ages ever since NSO's perks started including old games. The sound I made when Golden Sun became one of the games that was ported was... certainly not dignified.

But now I actually have a proper emulator.

... okay proper might be fudging it a bit but I now own a Powkiddy V90! With MiyooCFW of course (huge thanks to retro game corps for having an AMAZING tutorial available!) To make up for the absolutely abysmal original OS. Like. The thing refused to even boot when I got it (I might have also received a used one instead of a new one which. Yeesh) but at least I got it knowing thr stock card was absolute shit.

Anyways. Overall the experience hasn't been awful. At the very least I can use this to watch videos so I don't use my phone lol

I'm still gonna try and look out for either thr Miyoo Mini and/or the Mini Plus (might suggest it as a birthday present if I get asked again lmao) just because they're unequivocally a better device although I'm not 100% sold on the form factor. If you know me (esp offline) I absolutely fucking love clamshell everything. I own a Flip 3, I'd have a folding eink device if that was a thing. So im really hoping the Miyoo Flip ends up being a thing and it's good (the RG35XXSP is here and it sounds great except for how much it weighs + hard to press buttons) cause that looks like my dream device

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