smol site update

well, i was going to go with my old mainstay of iframes for my sites but that's been booed out of the water (and also, the layout i really liked just... refuses to render pretty on my laptop. that would drive me absolutely bonkers so no thnx)

instead, i'm going to take the suggestion of the fine folks at boba/fujodev and use a static site generator. the problem is choosing which one 'cause there's a lot lmao.

i'm probably going to use either hexo, hugo, or a new one called valaxy. i just... have to get over my fear of using CLI and commit. i think i should look at the layouts i like, figure out which ones are built which what systems and go with whichever one has more options to fuck with to try. i was hoping to have it done before i leave for my trip but that's not happening so lmao

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