ao3 donation vague breakdown

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this is probably not 100% accurate but total income from '07 to '19 is ~$4,009,139.42

from 2007 to 2011, the otw broke down their revenue as such: contributions + membership dues, foundation grants, special events, in-kind donations pretty much all donations were contribution/membership dues although i think there was a couple years where they got grants.

from 2012 to 2015, they didn't have a breakdown and everything was “non profit income” or discounts

from 2016 on, they broke it down again under direct contributions, donations from matching programs, net gains on investments, et cetera.

note: i used the data on each year's annual report doc for that year because, starting in 2017, the amount reported for the previoius year didn't match up with the year before (2017 had a higher reported income stream for 2016, 2018 had a higher reported income stream for 2017, etc) 8258+19414+40245+46569+46101.68+92341.54+167323.84+298543.92+348457.92+307191.73+ 599116.04+954613.90+1080962.85