Dear Creator Letter for Little Black Dress 2021

Hi, I'm yuu (also yuu1412 on a03 and thank you for considering doing one of my fills!

This is my first time doing a prompt exchange and I'm both very excited and anxious for it! I'm a simple woman — I'm looking for any content (fics, art, podfics) of my preferred little black dresses.

Let me provide a few blanket statements: I have two big Do Not Wants and that's scat and top!LBD (with one exception, see below). I'm relatively meh on things like snuff but can still enjoy it and I would rather avoid dom or bratty bottoms. I specifically Opt In for age gaps, incest, rule 63, AUs (including omegaverse, rule 63, trans!AUs, cis swap AUs, pretty much anything although I'm less enthused about race AUs unless it's mixed race), dub and noncon. I'm overall pretty open to any kinks that are not listed previously. Things that get me going? Rare pairs! Idk, I just think they're neat. Hypnosis, omegaverse, sex pollen, tentacles, monsters and animals? All good. Chikan? Mwuh, absolutely adore it, both “my partner and I are setting up a scene” and “creepy gropers I don't know”. I'm good with GL, BL, HL, polyam, cheating, many partners, one partner, smut, SFW, somewhere in between... Look, I just really want any content for my LBDs.

I'm requesting the following LBDs: * Midoriya Izuku (BNHA) * Waver Velvet (Fate/) * Iskander (Fate/) * Onoda Sakamichi (YowaPeda) * Kudo Shin'ichi / Edogawa Conan (DCMK) * Tsukiyono Omi (Weiss Kreuz) * Sakuraba Neku (TWEWY)

With the exception of Izuku, I'm good with any ship you can think of. Please pick whoever you want to partner them to your heart's content (by the way, crossover ships? Sure! Even if it's not a fandom I've listed haha).

For Midoriya Izuku, I specifically do not want to see him partnered with Tsuyu. If it's other characters plus Tsuyu, that's fine so long as Tsuyu is not a focus in the content.

I opted into readerfic and OCxLBD (one or multiple) for Izuku, Waver, Iskander, Omi, and Neku with the caveat that the OC/reader is the top!

For both Waver and Iskander, any part of the Fate/ timeline/multiverse is appropriate. Iskander is the only LBD I am okay with top content for. Bottom!Iskander is still preferred with anyone (yes even Waver even though I hc that the man can only really top to save a life) though. Both of them getting topped together is a+.

I think that's it? If anything changes, I guess i'll update this haha.

Thanks again for looking and have a great day!

~ yu