fuck discord

yeah i know i've been p shit about weekly updates but offline's been busy. but this post at 12am isn't about how my life has sucked, this 12am post is about how discord specifically has made my life so much fucking harder than it needs to be over the last month and a half.

you might remember back in septemebr when my account got hacked (and if you're following my nsfw twitter you've probably seen my fucking thread of me just QRTing every time i attempted to contact them).

on that day, i put in my first helpdesk ticket to try and get it back. i got no response.

then on september 29, i put in a ticket more geared towards “oh shit my discord and paypal are hacked, how can i confirm that there's no issues”. the same day i got a response, after a bit of back and forth, on the 30th, the rep said she'll forward my issues up the ladder and i'll get a response. i never did.

i waited a few weeks.

on october 14 i tried my official ticket # 3 (in the mean time i tried to contact via discord's DMs on twitter but no fucking repsonse) i was contacted by paul two days later to say it was impossible for someone to change my password and email. i was understandably upset when he said that. especially since THIS TICKET included not just my previous ticket numbers, but me LINKING TO THREADS ABOUT THIS HACK. he was seemingly apologetic and said he'll be forwarding this up. once again no response.

on october 24, i lodged my fourth ticket. once again i put in my last 3 ticket numbers, links to phlebuster's and kitctrl's threads about the hack, and at this point, i was at the point where i didn't think i would be getting my account back, but i just wanted confirmation that the hacker could not try to purchase anything via my nitro and to have the remaining months of my new subscription (which started about a week before the hack!) moved to my new account. once a fucking gain, no response.

november 1 rolled around. i put in ticket number 5. i provided copies of my attempts to contact discord previously and wanted four simple things:

1) I want my account back. It's been OVER A MONTH. I have been trying for WEEKS to get access back. Of the 4 tickets and the numerous attempts to contact Discord on social media, I have gotten responses only twice, both of which stated that they will be escalating my issues and concerns and then I'm left with no responses. 2) If access to my account is not possible, then I want the account deleted so the hacker can no longer use the servers I'm in or the people I know to attack them. I also want a confirmation that the hacker cannot and did not have access to my paypal information. I have attempted to get information on what info the hacker might have had access to regarding payments but never got a response. 3) I want the nitro subscription that was previously associated with my account to be transferred to my new account ([redacted]). I was previously okay with writing that as a loss but I'm thoroughly upset with how absolutely UNHELPFUL support has been with this issue. I can understand issues can take time, but I have been ghosted by your company over four times. I have had NO ONE follow up after I explained what happened. This is absolutely unacceptable. Either transfer the remaining year subscription to my new account or provide a refund for the full amount. 4) I want to know what Discord is doing to help stop hackers like this. It's very upsetting that something in Discord's code allows this malware to bypass Discord's 2FA (which is part of the point of having it!) and change a user's password and email. It's upsetting that Discord provides no warnings on their social media accounts nor does it boost people who are providing that to help protect users.

and of course, no response there as well.

eventually i said fuck it. at this point, i just wanted some fucking closure. i put in ticket # 6 on november 10, requesting a refund of my nitro subscription. i eventually got a response saying i had to lodge the ticket from the original email (because i was logged in and it automatically amde the ticket from my new account). so same day, i put in ticket # 7. guess what, no response as of now! i also happened to get a response from discord's twitter account requesting for my ticket # to escalate it. i provided the one from november 1.

but oh, the plot fucking thickens. this evening at 10:30 fucking pm (7:30 on the west cost where Discord is headquarters) i got a fucking response... on ticket # 3 – the one on october 14 where i had to politely rip a rep a new one because it was fucking obvious they didn't read my fucking ticket. yeah, this is the fucking response i got.


It unfortunately looks like the account in question has been permanently deleted. All data associated with deleted accounts is deleted or anonymized 14-30 days after beginning the deletion process for that account. Once an account has been permanently deleted it is gone from our servers and we'd have no record of that account existing nor would we have any way to recover it. You will need to create a new account. We apologize for this experience, but you will be able to create a new account with the email.

Sincerely, Discord Trust & Safety

idk maybe i wouldn't feel so pissed but literally the only reason why it's possibly past those 30 days (i don't know when the fucker deleted my account, i was notified of it when between putting in tickets number 6 and 7) is because you fucks decided not to respond in a timely manner.

i am just so fucking mad right now.

five fucking years of stories and comments and friendships just fucking gone. full versions of commissions and roleplayig with friends and fuck it, there are friends who i am never going to talk to again because i've only known them through discord. ugh gdi. i wish i was working from home tomorrow because i've been crying off and on for the past two hours because it's hittin me that all those memories i'm just never getting back because instead of being there for their fucking customers, they're working on integrating a god damned scam into their product.

going to be looking into a new messaging platform because fuck discord.