icedrive first thoughts

been a bit and i'm here with some late night stream of conciousness about icedrive, a cloud storage system that i shelled out money for a lifetime.

first of all, p easy to purchase a license (i got the 1TB). i'll have to look and see if i get a discount if i go from 1tb to 5tb if i need it. i hope i won't need it. 175usd is about the price i'd pay for a midrange HD (i think a SSD would be pricier) so cost wise it's more efficient cause i'd have access now rather than waiting for a unit to come in and hope it works. plus this means i have access to my data while on my phone

now on to my woes. biggest QOL thing is the lack of dark mode. some people like dark text on white background but i honestly don't. a native dark mode would be ideal or even just a less contrast version.

there's no easy way to download data from my other cloud services (namely mega) to icedrive. i think once i'm done backing up my pc (as of writing ithink we're just missing my movies, musics, and ttrogs, maybe a few other assorted files) i' going to download the app. supposedly once i use it ony my pc, as if it was a new driv.e. my hope is that i can download enmasse and just h ave it save on the icedrive. hopefully.