i'll try to provide updates here

honestly, twitter is probably a better place to get “what am i up to” updates cause i'm just THERE more, except following me there means you'll get inundated with social justice, fanpol bs, and genitals so... yeah maybe don't follow me there?

i need to also be better about posting on my politics twitter hahaha.

anyways, the tl;dr – life goes on. haven't been doing much except work and anxiously wait to see when japan will let me come without a 14 day wait (which is longer than i planned to spend in the country OTL)

i've got nearly all my gift getting done – all that's left is my sister and my niece and nephew.

writing something really fun for an event, and then another fun thing for a zine. might apply to another one – not sure yet – and then there's 3 raffle pieces. i really, really need to get on those OTL