it's getting darker sooner

i don't want to turn on my light cause it's really bright but by the time 5:30 rolls around it's p gloomy in my room and by the time i get off at 7, it's practically pitch black (having deep blue walls and ceilings work against me lmao)

in not so awesome news, going to try and lose weight. i'm not happy with how heavy i am rn but it's going to be a struggle cause i'm not moving around as much. at least when i was at work i can visit coworkers across the room or walk during lunch. not really an option while working from home when every break i just wanna curl up with my dog and snooze.

that's actually why i bit the bullet and bought new joycons for my switch. i have the ring fit and if i can get myself to use it and the jumprope app a few times a week, that would probably be a good thing. i have not done ring fit since i got the new joycons but i have done the jumprope.

i really hated jumprope in school but being able to do it without falling flat on the floor cause i misjudged where the rope is helps a lot lol