midweek roundup (1/13/21)

aiight maybe if i remember to write at least a post a week it'll will make sense to have so many blogs lmao

once again checking out twitter for more up to the minute stuff lmao.

well, updates, yeah?

i'm currently trying to catalogue various songs i downloaded from tumblr which is... ah. haha. wow. so many. can't even.

finished both my new years gift fic Over the Hedge and my fic for New Year, New Hope zine. waiting to hear when i can release my fic for Bird Bones too. i also wrote a really short shigadeku ficlet and got this adorable art in exchange:

hmmm.... oh! so nothing on the table other than the 3 very late gift fics (let's hope i can get them cranked out before my birthday lmao) and working on ttrpg stuff.

considering looking into monetization options on my blogs. and also getting back into writing / saving old threads off twitter in case i ever get suspended for being a fujoshi lol.