neonmob wishlist

yuu here with deets on neonmob cause i fell down that wormhole again lololol. you can find my profile here and below is a list of all the decks i have and what i'm getting rid of, keeping, and only searching for certain cards. the wishlist is your friend!

generally i trade based on vibes, even if i'm getting “less”, if i want it i'm happy. vaguely alphabetical order.

willing to take cards i already own! or from sets that i don't own so long as i vibe with them haha. when in doubt, just message?

updated: 23 september 2023 (1915hrs) added collapsibles so it's not quite as daunting


Things I Like

  • Cancer (Constellation) related cards
  • The Hanged Man (tarot) related cards
  • Maid related cards
  • Sci Fi & Fantasy themes
  • Space
  • Book / Novel themes
  • Watercolors
  • Minimalist
  • Fandom (Star Wars, anime, games)
  • some travel related
  • certain japanese themes

Things I Dislike

  • most abstract stuff
  • AI created series
  • cute, pastel, “kawaii”



sets i'm collecting in hopes of 100% completion and keeping.

Up For Offers

Purging in Full collections that i'm getting rid of in full

Eh series i may trade for or trade away. depends on what you're offering.

♡ ♥💕❤

Completed sets that i've completed and am only trading duplicates from.

Singles Card Wishlist aka i don't want the whole deck, just specific cards

Collected on Alt cards that have been moved to my alt so that way i don't have like a bunch of 1 of 600 decks lol