On How I Made My Site

because of all sorts of bullshit that's happening on SMS here's a little handy guide on how i ended up owning yuu.gay.

there's a bunch of links here but i make absolutely nothing on them, no affiliate links or anything like that

hey yuu, what if i don't want to pay any money?

i somehow deleted this whole ass section but! if you just want your own little slice of web, you don’t need a domain or anything fancy. just check out neocities and make your own site there. it harkens to the days of ol’ geocities and allows p much any sort of fringe (but not illegal) content. feel free to have the deadest dove content you enjoy.

if you rather something that’s a bit less code-y and more plug n play, i believe wix and wordpress might be more up your alley but you’re beholden to their content policy

now that one of the most important questions are out of your way…

Step One: get your domain!

there's a bunch of places to buy your domain from. godaddy is probably one of the most well known places but there's lots and lots of choices.

i initially pre-ordered(? is that the term you use) my main domain (yuu.gay) on iwantmyname because it was available there lmao. eventually i moved over to porkbun in 2021 because the renewal fees were cheaper. google also lets you buy domains although i did notice it’s generally more pricy there than on porkbun.

some sites only allow you to purchase & renew your domain but you have to host it somewhere else (like i do). that's something you have to factor into the cost. it's also worth actually shopping around!

the most important parts about domain hosting are renewal price and if it has a whois privacy. the WHOIS privacy is very important – you'll want to make sure wherever you buy your domain from offers this so that way people can't look up your info from your domain registration!

Step Two: figure out where to host!

i currently host my two domains on cynderhost on their shared hosting plan (i used to do $1/domain/mo but i’m currently in the process of switching to the elite shared hosting plan which is $4.99/mo but lets me host theoretically as many domains as i want)

depending on how much you need, most basic shared hosting is going to be way more than you'll probably need, unless you're like... hosting a site that's primarily about streaming or uploading ridiculously large files or planning on a lot of traffic. if say, you’re hosting a big event page, you might have to look at higher tiers.

do note that some places restrict the kind of content you can host (how well they actually check it is hit or miss). like, obviously, anything that's actually illegal is not allowed (like, say actual CSAM) but some web hosts also have rules against other types of content (cynderhost, as an example, doesn't technically allow any porn at all). adultrefuge costs more a month but it's also up for any sort of adult content. you can also host your custom domain on neocities – up to 30 sites for $5/mo (which is VERY good). still html only though so it doesn’t have like… cpanel capability like cynderhost does

you can also… just not buy a website. you can literally have a custom domain and have it point to your carrd or tumblr or the like.

Step Three: Make your site!

there's a couple of ways to go about it even if you aren't html savvy. most web hosts will have a way to install site interfaces you can use (such as wordpress) and some have drag and drop website building (like wix or squarespace). you can also use your domain to give your tumblr or similar site a unique url (which means you might be able to skip step two).

i'll probs add more to this in the future but this is the... very very slimmed down version of the process

Some additions