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hahaha. omff okay gotta figure out how i wanna configure this cause right now it's hell.

doku wiki is probably the best of the wiki programs softaculous has on hand. but i dislike it. so so much

but i definitely like it more than pmwiki or mediawiki.

for now, i'm just checking out the various blogs they have. i don't wanna go back to either doku or write.as for this part of the site rip

not much to report. reread p much all of the fifth act; might make a thread on boba that's p much just fic recs (because i'm a dweeb).

working on wiki for OCs, i think i'm going to legit add characters to it and delete from TH entirely (esp ones who no longer have full profiles)

also considering just... nixxing doku wiki. i don't like the editor as much, i'm not happy that all the pages have to be accessed via doku.php? and just hrnng :/

wish softaculous was better at letting people see demos but idk if the issue is on their end or cynderhost

this was supposed to be posted last night but i messed up lmao

i don't want to turn on my light cause it's really bright but by the time 5:30 rolls around it's p gloomy in my room and by the time i get off at 7, it's practically pitch black (having deep blue walls and ceilings work against me lmao)


still adding characters to the wiki and updating their new minimalist profiles. it is... very slow going OTL

so i'm doing a vague OC-tober thing on a site except instead of making new OCs, i'm using them as prompts to write about ones i already have. i still need to cross post everyone. also need to start posting shit on fan if only because i've almost deleted a thread update

two have been transferred to the wiki. sorta. i need to get info off the google docs but now they have pretty af profiles so score?

fucked up and accidentally deleted a few pictures OTL

so i'm trying to be good and write something every day on the off chance someone... actually views my blog (hell no one is gonna to unless you're invested in my life and no one is?)

not much to say though. i got up, i worked, i ate, i went to bed. sometimes i game or coded.

got a new oc last night, trying to figure out how i want to do this. might actually change stuff up and make oc.yuu.gay not a write.as blog. not sure what i'll do though, it's just that, as it is right now, it makes stuff VERY hard to navigate cause... blog.

I've got my first official BJD! She's a Ju by ResinSoul and I love her skin tone and her face and hrnng

was too busy to post yesterday. today i've found myself with a lot of time. i wanted to work on the game but i got a tad distracted haha.

REMINDER TO MYSELF go set up https for my main site, you got the instructions mailed to you