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so i'm trying to be good and write something every day on the off chance someone... actually views my blog (hell no one is gonna to unless you're invested in my life and no one is?)

not much to say though. i got up, i worked, i ate, i went to bed. sometimes i game or coded.

got a new oc last night, trying to figure out how i want to do this. might actually change stuff up and make oc.yuu.gay not a write.as blog. not sure what i'll do though, it's just that, as it is right now, it makes stuff VERY hard to navigate cause... blog.

I've got my first official BJD! She's a Ju by ResinSoul and I love her skin tone and her face and hrnng

was too busy to post yesterday. today i've found myself with a lot of time. i wanted to work on the game but i got a tad distracted haha.

REMINDER TO MYSELF go set up https for my main site, you got the instructions mailed to you

i had a really awesome talk with the designer of residuum and it just

really has me thinking about design and i'm so excited \gonna put notes on priv, might publish in the future though

seriously please if you're an american citizen, make sure you're registered and ready to vote

if you don't like the choices please consider this: you have two choices. one's a moderate, very middle of the road, doesn't want to make waves. the other one is charting the country straight to ruin. you don't have to like biden. but if you want to have a country that is livable and has the prospect of getting better, he's the only option. because the alternative is the destruction of america and i don't think anything will ever be able to save it if trump gets another 4 years

just 400 more games to go and then 'm done with what i had hosted on evernote. then it's a game of “bookmarking all my remaining games on dtrpg and then the ones on boh and my laptop”

i'm thinking making an anon post here with a list of the games i have that don't have store fronts of some sort

alright so the plan is:



the amount of people who's itchio accts have blinding colors rip