weekly update, 29 apr 2021

by the time i realized i hadn't put an update out, it was boo in the morning on thursday so i decided to just... not post at boo in the morning and do it when i could coherently string a few words together

life is going. i have finished one out of three zine pieces, hopefully will have a second one finished by next week and then... fully writing a third lamo. fingers crossed that i get accepted into another zine!

started to throw out feelers for an artist for arcana rose. the hope is once i finished the second zine piece, i'll take some time to revamp the SRD and Quickstart so there's less errors/missing things, put up v2 on itch.io and then open up to get more responses. the hope is to have that set up by the first week of May, get people throughout May, and then in early June choose and give everyone feedback and stuff.

still testing out fanexus, still utterly underwhelmed by it. it's also slow af so. not happy about that either.

keep hoping good news on the “visiting overseas” front but that's not happening anytime soon :'( if only