what is your color test?

a color personality test

My results are: Alice Blue!

Your color is.. It looks cold on the outside but very warm on the inside alice blue #eaeff9 COLOR 02-356

What is your personality?

I am so quiet, but when everyone goes out to play, I want to dance and sing! I want to get attention, but I'm usually so introverted that I don't usually get noticed! I am full of sensitivity, so I really need time to think alone... I like planning! I tend to do things in advance. I am friendly and kind to everyone! I only like to play with close friends! I am delicate and sharp, but my sloppy temper comes out occasionally! I have a good empathy so I can consult well, but when I consult a problem, I get into the other person's mood too badly... I am more matured and quieter person than others!

Be careful!

Even if you are close with me, there are lines that you must not come across! Being a prudent perfectionist, I run and run 500 simulations before acting! I hurt often when I'm under stress... My body shows up my mood... I hate people who aren't polite and don't agree with me and do not respect me, I cut off them to the extreme!

Matching well with this kind of person!

I can be closer to a person as the deeper the emotional sharing with him! I am friendly and kind, but I do not open my heart easilt! I like people who can share the same interests and communicate with me well. I like that! I like people who listen to my story well!

Color that fits well

Dandelion, Warm Flame

Keep distance

Serulian>Cactus>Vanilla ice>O>cean depths>Rosebud>OASIS>Sweet Pink>Periglacial_b